Yes, its been 9 good years in Puerto Rico -- but its time for a new location and a new experience.

We have selected Jamaica as the 2018 host. On this site you will find all the details.

  • What part of Jamaica
  • What Resort In Jamaica
  • Weekend parties & events listings
  • Who's coming to party with us
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What are the dates for Urban Fiesta Weekend? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
Urban Fiesta Weekend happens on MEMORIAL DAY weekend EVERY YEAR which is at the END OF MAY. See site for details on the upcoming Urban Fiesta Weekend.

Since it’s in Puerto Rico, do I need a passport? - - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
No passports are not needed for this event as Puerto Rico is a part of the USA. Urban Fiesta Weekend is held in San Juan so NO PASSPORT is needed at all, so book your Hotel & Party Packages NOW here

What airport do I fly into to attend the Urban Fiesta Weekend? - - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
Fly into: The Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. The Airport Code Is: (SJU)

What airlines fly into this airport in Puerto Rico? - - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
San Juan Airport is served by large intercontinental jets by American Airlines, Delta, Continental, Jet Blue, Air Canada, British Airways, Northwest, TWA, United, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Do I need a rental car? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
Yes & No...If you are staying at the host hotel AND you book through us, NO rental is needed because we pay for transportation to events Friday-Sunday Night. NOT staying at the host hotel AND didn't book through us? (NOTE) A rental car wont hurt to travel to other parts of the island and site see. REQUEST a Navigation System!

Is the money the same or do I have to convert? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
US currency is used throughout Puerto Rico…again, it’s a part of the USA!

What happens at the event? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
Urban Fiesta Weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico is a 5 day 4 night non-stop party! THOUSANDS of people takeover the entire island. By Day, everyone contacts the official Urban Fiesta excursion company & selects from dozens of tours and excursions. By Mid-Evening everyone is attending JAM PACKED evening PARTIES & By Night (till the sun comes up we might add) The club is Poppin!

I’ve never been to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where do I stay? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
STAY AT THE HOST HOTEL OR URBAN FIESTA FRIENDLY HOTELS LISTED ON THIS SITE!!! No one knows San Juan, Puerto Rico like we do. We have hand picked the hotels that will treat you like the VIP you are NO MATTER your budget! If its not listed we don't recommend it. In San Juan sometimes even the brand name hotels you know, are NOT what you think ( In terms of Distance From Events & Quality). So follow our lead & stay where we suggest. By doing so, you save a lot of headache. NOTE: The money you may save using points OR discounts you will pay in other ways in San Juan maybe through Cabs -Fee's and /or Service. So stay with us and avoid the headache caused by trying to cut corners.

Do you offer Urban Fiesta Weekend Party Passes & if so why should I purchase one? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
GREAT question! Yes we do offer party passes for Urban Fiesta weekend. We strongly suggest that you purchase one as well. Unlike other Memorial Day Weekend destinations, we CATER TO and we SPOIL our prepaid party passes holders. In fact, in terms of admission, you will be the VIP over the cash-at-the-door people. Ask ANYONE WHO ATTENDED. They all got in the party and we do NOT over sell. BOOK YOUR PARTY PASS

Not convinced yet that you should get a party pass for Urban Fiesta Weekend? (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
You do the math, most if not all daytime events start at $40-$60 each. There are, at least 6 of those. Nightly events start at $100 each and there are at least 4 to 5 of those. So on high-end that's over $800 to attend them all!! Get the party pass for more than HALF of the price. RSVP on the site for more details.

Who host this event? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
The Organizers of Urban Fiesta Weekend is the same company that owns the trademark rights & this site. The Special Event Travel Network, (S.E.T.). If an event or party is not listed on this official urban fiesta weekend site its not happening.

Are there malls and USA chain restaurants I would recognize? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
OMG yes! In fact it might surprise you to know that Puerto Rico has the LARGEST MALL IN THE CARIBBEAN WITH ALL THE MAJOR AND MINOR NAME BRAND STORES! So if you pack light you can get what you need at “da mall”.

Anything I should know before I arrive? - (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
Although no passports are required, bring a valid ID. Most signs, menus, etc. are written in Spanish. No worries though, almost everyone speak conversational English. Most restaurants include gratuity in the bill, but make sure you inquire. At the airport, on your return home, you will have to go through customs. They are looking for wild animals and forbidden fruits. If you see people jumping off mini bridges don’t freak out, it’s what they do for fun. It’s actually kinda cool, you may even try it. Stay in our hotels...you will save yourself a lot of aggravation.

More updates coming soon if you have a question not answered here regarding the game and weekend email us at help@pegsonline.com
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